The armagnac masterclass by French bartender Emmanuel Brandelet

The French bartender Emmanuel Brandelet gave a Masterclass on armagnac at the European Bartender School in Paris.

Using his best recipes, ideas and cocktail experience, bartender Emmanuel Brandelet, ambassador of armagnac Jean Cavé, offered a Masterclass to the students of the European Bartender School in Paris. The Masterclass consisted of a history lesson of the armagnac Maison Jean Cavé, teaching on the way of production and maturation as well as a tasting of the new Expérience range. The latter is dedicated to mixology.

Three armagnac cocktails by Emmanuel Brandelet

During the Masterclass, Brandelet prepared three cocktails based on armagnac. The aim is to demonstrate the richness of French brandy and its use in the creation of cocktails, and that it is not a drink intended to be tasted neat, but is rich enough to be integrated into the world of mixology.

Emmanuel said at the end of his Masterclass that, “The exchange, during these two hours, was very interesting and motivating because the feedback from these young professionals on the quality of the eau-de-vie and its potential is very encouraging.


*Originally published in ArmagnacNews.


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