The program “Armagnac Academies” from the BNIA now in China

To perfect the knowledge on the armagnac in China, the BNIA (Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac) develops the program “Armagnac Academies”.

The French spirit attracts more and more the Chinese population and vice-versa. Since 2010, armagnac has enjoyed good trade in the Asian country. An opportunity for the BNIA to gain the loyalty of prescribers.

Existing for more than ten years, the “Armagnac Academies” programme takes place in Great Britain and the United States. It is currently being developed in China, since October when an initiative was launched. The director of the BNIA explains that the aim is to create a database and a community of advisors and armagnac fans.

The project is carried out in different educational establishments Wine and Spirits referenced and reputed in China. Through them with pedagogical material and tools provided by the BNIA, they will be able to explain more about the armagnac or create sales forces. The first apprentices of the program will be the first Armagnac Ambassadors and the school, the first Armagnac Educators accredited by the BNIA.

It is intended to install the project of the ambassadors of armagnac in all the countries affiliated to this spirit, including France.


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