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Pernod Ricard to build a second distillery in Asia

Pernod Ricard announced a significant stake in Japanese KI NO BI gin the week of March 2. This investment will enable the construction of a second distillery in Asia.

Now that Pernod Ricard has a significant stake in Japanese gin, the Group plans to open a new distillery in the Kyoto region. This new construction would make it possible to “meet the demand“.

Although PR does not hold a majority stake in KI NO BI, this investment will enable the construction of the distillery. It would be the group’s second distillery in Asia. The first is a whisky distillery 100% owned by Pernod Ricard, which will be built in 2021.


KI NO BI gin

It is the first Japanese gin produced in small batches and in a craft way. KI NO BI is prepared from rice alcohol, yuzu, sansho pepper, ginger and gyokuro tea. One of its founders, Marcin Miller, says that “it was the first in Japan. Since then, about thirty brands have appeared.”

For Alexandre Ricard, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Pernod Ricard: “We are thrilled to welcome this one-of-a-kind brand to our portfolio. KI NO BI’s unique origins and taste profile make it a perfect complement to The Gin Hub’s extensive stable of brands. I am excited for Pernod Ricard to be part of its ongoing development.”

KI NO BI is exported to 22 countries, of which France. The gin can be found at a price of 58 euros a bottle at La Maison du Whisky, for example.

In addition to acquiring Japanese gin, last year Pernod Ricard acquired Italian gin Malfy and took a stake in South African gin Inveroche.


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