Les Subversifs: One of Quebec’s first microdistilleries

Les Subversifs, one of the first microdistilleries in Quebec, whose spirits are made in a church in Sorel.

It’s a story born out of dinner in a restaurant, says Fernando Balthazard. The lack of microdistilleries of eau-de-vie in Quebec prompted Fernando and his partner Pascal Gervais to found Les Subversifs in 2010.

This distillery elaborates its spirits in an old church in the town of Sorel, the Marie-Auxiliatrice. Only since last autumn have the spirits been distilled here. Another peculiarity of Les Subversifs are its labels, signed by the Canadian painter and writer Marc Séguin.

The ranges are divided into mint liqueur -La crème de menthe d’Isabelle- gin -Le Gin de Marie Victorin-, vodka -La vodka de Irma- and a reduced -Le réduit de Léo-. Marc Séguin provides the design since he is one of the first clients of Fernando’s father. They would frame paintings, for artists like Séguin.

The Les Subversifs distillery forms part of the microdistilleries raising the spirits of Quebec and soon they will be installed in new markets such as Spain.


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