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CBD coffee, a recipe for wellness

Melissa Malamut talks about CBD coffee. Between cocktails and infusions, CBD also finds its place in our favorite drink of the day.

Caffeine Underground’s CBD coffee is one of the wellness recipes offered by the coffee shop located in Bushwick, New York. An open-concept place that serves latte, espresso and various milks, such as oat, almond to macadamia.

Wellness options include Kava tea, add activated charcoal… and of course cannabidiol (CBD) infused coffee or CBD coffee, an item unique to Caffeine Underground.

It is well known that CBD does not promote psychotropic effects, but rather relaxing ones. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory and as a sedative, so the psychedelic effects of THC found in marijuana disappear completely.

Sailene Ossman, Cannabis guru and advocate, believes that CBD helps bring the body back into balance, regulating inflammation, calming anxiety and much more. A firm anti-alcoholic, Ossman has never combined CBD with booze, but frequently serves it in non-alcoholic cocktails (she often hosts parties and events with cannabis products). “It’s more placebo effect with CBD than anything else, I think.”

CBD is an ingredient that from now on, along with hemp, we find in edibles and even beauty products.


The Flower Power CBD Coffee Formula

It’s Leighton Knowles the creator of Caffeine Underground’s CBD-infused coffee, who is co-founder of the New York and Ohio-based Flower Power Coffee Company.

He makes a special formula for his coffee. For one thing, it purchases coffee beans from a 70-year-old supplier based in Brooklyn. To prepare the coffee, Flower Power infuses its formula into the ground coffee beans before brewing coffee.

It is worth noting that Flower Power’s co-founder, Craig Leivent is also a pharmacist in Brooklyn, as well as having a doctorate in pharmacology and a degree in botany. According to him other coffee shops coat the bean with oil, which doesn’t provide a consistent measure of CBD per cup. “When you drink our coffee you get the alertness of caffeine but without the jitters.”

Flower Power’s CBD coffee is sourced from hemp and double-tested in a Massachusetts lab to ensure it is THC-free.

The CBD in the whole marijuana plant contains other chemicals, tiny cannabinoids that work synergistically with the body to create an entourage effect,” Leivent says. “You get a greater medical effect with all of these chemicals working together, rather than just one [hemp-based] isolate.

In the United States, not all states are allowed to sell CBD, which is legal in 43 states, while recreational marijuana is legal in nine states. CBD is legal as long as it is derived from hemp.

If you live in a state where marijuana is not legal for recreational purposes, chances are your CBD is derived from hemp. And according to Leivent, “that’s fine. Hemp-based CBD still works on the same problems, such as anxiety and anti-inflammatory conditions, there are just less amounts of the other chemicals that could enhance the effect of CBD.”

To do it at home, there are different proposals today spread through pages specialized in the sale of CBD, either infusing your own coffee at home or buying coffee beans ready to grind and prepare your own CBD coffee at home.


*You can read the original article by Melissa Malamut here CBD Coffee Is the Wellness World’s New Favorite Drink.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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