Japanese gin and vodka are developing throughout Europe

Gin and vodka products made in Japan are beginning to be highly appreciated in Europe. Europeans appreciate Japanese whisky almost as much as Scotch whisky.

Roku, a gin signed by Beam Suntory, is made from Japanese ingredients such as cherry blossom petals, “sansho” pepper and gin. With a delicate flavour, Roku “is selling better than expected,” said an executive of the subsidiary Suntory Holdings Ltd.

At the international wine and spirits competition held in Great Britain last year, Ki no Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, produced by the Kyoto distillery, won the “Contemporary Gin” prize, becoming the first Japanese product to win this prize. The company was praised for its unique production method using materials such as Japanese cypress “hinoki” and citrus “yuzu”.

At the International Spirits Challenge, also held in Great Britain last year, Nikka Coffey Vodka, which is under the wing of Asahi Group Holdings Ltd, received first prize in the vodka category.

Japanese liquorists are increasingly turning to products such as gin, which do not require a long ageing process and are highly successful in the world.


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