The Light is invited in these luminous packages

At the Luxe Pack, exhibitors offered illuminated packaging to attract attention at points of sale.

Inuru Start-up presented its new light bottles through “Oled” technology: organic light-emitting diodes. The designer, Marcin Ratajczak, states that in 2019, the product marketing revolution will take place after the launch of the labels or animated image packaging.

Saralon has developed three concepts:

“Sara Light”: thanks to a thin printed battery, the light is activated when the box is opened.
“Sara Illu”: thanks to a switch hidden under the bottle, the label is switched on.
“Sara Oled”: the animations are activated directly on the packaging.
Dapy offers electroluminescent labels, made of printed powder, waterproof with an autonomy of 5 hours, suitable for champagne and pink bottles.

Eurostampa presented its label Moët & Chandon, reflective thanks to a special varnish that highlights the bottle in the photos, awarded during the Pack & Spirit in April 2018.

Doogood has created structures for Moët & Chandon with fluorescent messages that can be modified by an application. Dom Pérignon’s servers were equipped with headphones.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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