Ryan Reynolds elevates Aviation Gin with Richard Branson in Virgin Atlantic

Canadian actor and producer Ryan Reynolds raises the gin Aviation American Gin with Sir Richard Branson aboard the Virgin Atlantic airline. Reynolds, acquired the brand of gin last February 21.

Both Reynolds and Sir Branson announced in a funny video the association between the gin brand Aviation American Gin and Virgin Atlantic Airlines. The actor and producer pretends with his best comedy not to understand what the association is about, next to an indignant Sir Branson.

At the moment, the official date on which Virgin Atlantic passengers will be able to taste the gin is unknown. But Aviation Gin is not only available on board flights. Gin will also be served at Virgin’s Clubhouse lounge in the airports.

Aviation American Gin is produced in Oregon, handcrafted, traditionally, in small batches. It is produced from juniper, lavender, sweet and bitter orange peel, cardamom, coriander, Indian sarsaparilla and anis seed. Delicious for a classic Tom Collins cocktail or the demanding and sophisticated Aviation cocktail. Reynolds, after its acquisition, reiterated that it is “the best gin in the world“.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy resonsibly.

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