A historic whisky distillery brought back to life by a state-funded agency

Historic Environnement Scotland has called for commercial partners to help to redevelop the whisky distillery in Forres, Moray. It is at present a museum. Dallas Dhu was built in 1898 and produced its first barrel the following year. It closed during the First World War, during the Great Depression and again after a fire in 1939.

Production restarted after the Second World War and it survived for almost four decades until 1983.

Dallas Dhu whisky is now much sought after and some bottles sell for more than € 1,000. Richard Lochhead, the SNP MSP for Moray, said “Dallas Dhu is sectacular and unique and is Scotland’s only historic distillery with the potential to restart production of a famous at time when the industry is bouming and also to play a wider role in the Scotch Whisky sector and tourism“.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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