England. Bristol gets its first new whiskey distillery in a generation

Liam Hirt opens a deck of playing cards at the Circumstance Distillery and shoots the eight clubs. The design on the front of the card is what you expect, but the design on the back is quite special, with each card containing a unique code.

To mark the launch of Bristol’s first whiskey distillery in a generation, co-director Liam has created a cryptocurrency.

Liam began distilling gin in the basement of his house in Montpellier with his commercial partner Danny Walker in 2007, the first bottles of Psychopomp having been sold in 2013.
The Circumstance distilled wash at the beginning of the whiskey manufacturing process will be sourced from the nearby Dawkins brewery in Easton, with the team proud of its roots in Bristol and eager to collaborate further.

Circumstance Whiskey’s style will be “new to the world”, joining distilleries outside traditional Scottish, Irish and American identities that strive to move away from historical constraints and strict regulations of more innovative products.

“As far as we know, no one has ever done anything like this before,” says Mark. “We make whiskey that way to be flexible, it’s a massive learning curve for us, but it’s so much fun and exciting.”


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsible.

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