A new range of whiskey enriches the products of the Japanese distillery Suntory

Suntory has made a name for itself in whisky through quality spirits such as Hakushu 12 years old or Hibiki 17 years old. Apart from these classics, the company wants to diversify in order to cope with consumer demand.

The release of Toki whisky meets this expectation. Meaning “time” in Japanese, Toki is a whisky that surfs on the know-how of the house Suntory. It is produced by different distilleries of society, including those of Chita and Yamazaki. The liqueur develops aromas of fruit and spice that blend delicately with flavors of ginger, vanilla and white pepper.

Toki is positioned in a price range that makes it more accessible. It is perfect for preparing cocktails. The whisky is also an excellent aperitif or digestive to consume with moderation of course.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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