The House of Suntory introduces a podcast dedicated to Roku Gin

For the first time, the House of Suntory has created a podcast dedicated to the Japanese way of life and the importance of the seasons that inspired Roku Gin, from its creation to its tasting.

This is the very first podcast of the House of Suntory, a leading Japanese spirits company whose production is mainly focused on whiskey but also on gin, including Gin Roku.

The podcast “Roku, to the rhythm of the seasons of Japan” is dedicated to the House’s gin and its link with Japanese culture.

A new storytelling format, highlighting all the Japanese traditions and the unbreakable link between ROKU’s creation story and the relationship with the Japanese seasons.

With one episode per season, this podcast is designed as an awakening to nature, inviting us to look at what surrounds us and understand its importance. Rhythmed by Japanese notes, light is shed on the nature that is at the center of the Japanese culture and the link with the elements that make up Roku Gin.

This podcast is an invitation to discover Japan to the rhythm of the seasons. It is an opportunity to learn more about Japanese history, the importance of the seasons and the making of Roku, the House of Suntory’s artisanal gin, a reflection of Japanese culture and nature.


Episode 1: Summer

For this first part, it is the beautiful season of summer that is honored.

Each element evoked during this episode is a true ode to the Japanese beauty, with a European look. One of the six botanicals that make up Roku is sencha tea, the most consumed in Japan, a magnificent land in tea culture.

It is this refreshing bitterness of sencha tea that is found when tasting Roku, which is drunk in the Gin & Tonic ceremony, like the famous tea ceremony, emblematic in Japan.


How to listen to the House of Suntory Podcast?

Each episode will be available on the listening platforms Spotify and Apple Music, or click here.


A bit of history on Roku Gin

“Roku” means “6” in Japanese. A symbol of balance in Japanese culture, it refers to the six specific botanicals that give this craft gin its unique character and the hexagonal shape of its bottle, with each facet depicting one of those botanicals.

Each of Roku’s unique Japanese botanicals is harvested with respect to “shun”. This is the Japanese tradition of appreciating each ingredient at its true value and harvesting only at the peak of its ripening or blooming. These six botanicals are infused, distilled separately and then blended by Japanese artisans to create a perfectly balanced gin. They are also combined with the eight traditional gin botanicals to restore its authentic taste: juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica roots, angelica seeds, cardamom seeds, cinnamon sticks, bitter orange peel and lemon peel.


Roku Gin Tasting Notes

Profile: Predominance of Yuzu.

Nose: Cherry blossom and green tea deliver sweet and floral aromas.

Palate: Complex and harmonious aromas of different botanicals. The first flavors of traditional gin, followed by the characteristic notes of Japanese botanicals, with Yuzu as a top note. Soft and silky texture in the mouth.

Finish: The freshness of Sansho pepper provides a finely spiced note to the finish.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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