Art Cocktail in the second edition of “Canvas by Bombay Sapphire”

Belgium is holding a second edition of the pop-up event Canvas by Bombay Sapphire from 13 June to 28 June. Artists create an art cocktail in this space dedicated to artistic inspiration.


In this unique place two mixologists and six artists overflow with creativity. Marvellously colourful, the ephemeral bar located on the Quai des Charbonnages quay in Molenbeek-St-Jean in Brussels.

Inspired by the theme of nature, mixologists Noa Van Ongevalle (The Pharmacy) and Yen Pham (Yi Chan restaurant) create cocktails, both specializing in long drinks. The artists, are equally inspired by these cocktails and the nature theme to fill the canvases of this cultural space with their art .

The mixologist Van Ongevalle, tells ELLE Magazine Belgium that her first cocktail, called Grass à Toi, consisted of a mixture of “herbs and daisies, all we can find in a garden“. For her second cocktail, she concentrated on the taste of the earth, preparing it with pine, beetroot and peat whisky.

Bartender Yen Pham for his part created the Forest Bath cocktail. For example, he was inspired by the Asian continent and the ingredients we can find in the forests of Asia.

As for the participating artists we find Luis M. Lambrechts and Tamar Kasparian in visual art; Adrien Roubens, street art; Sam Scarpulla (second participation) and the designer Sep Verboom.


Canvas by Bombay Sapphire Paris

Held from May 23rd to 25th it showcased artistic performances and original cocktails. The artists: Amandine Levy and Caroline Derveaux. The creation of cocktails counted on the ingenuity of the recognized bartender Nicolas Goradesky (Bar Bisou) and Rolland Dormegnie (Bar Le Parfum).



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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