United Kingdom. Great British Gin Festival to take place in Swansea starting September

The good news for the amateurs of Gin is in fact, the Great British Gin Festival which will take place from September 1st, 2018 in Swansea. During this big meeting, it will be possible to enjoy more than 100 different gins coming from several countries.

In the room Brangwyn of the city, at least two sessions will be accessible: one during the afternoon and the other one in the evening. It will also be the opportunity to discover new cocktail parties, thanks to the demonstrations of the barmen. Conferences will be made by experts of the industry.

On this occasion, you can meet producers after they have been introduced to the public. For the lovers of virtual reality, the virtual distillery will be the real source of happiness. Possibility is also offered to you to taste the samples of the commercial standing. You will be able to buy easily, a bottle in the shop of the event. The relaxation is assured with the numerous musical groups which will take part of the event. 

The festival is opened for all and accessible when you have at least 18 years old. If you are vegetarian, know that there are special options for your taste. The particularity of this party, not only based on in its luxurious character, but also by the methods of payment. In fact, it will be useless to bring money in, because everything is paid with tokens. 

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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