Carlsberg experiments with paper bottling

Committed to the environment, Danish beer pilsner Carlsberg is experimenting with paper bottles made from wood fibre. An action that can certainly revolutionize the beverage industry and the future of our environment.

The brand is currently experimenting with two prototypes: one follows the PET guidelines, and the other, PEF (polyethylene polyphonoate). The latter is a biological plastic typically produced from agricultural or forestry waste. Both bottles are 100 percent recyclable.

Carlsberg works in collaboration with the company Paboco. In addition, with the Technical University of Denmark, EcoXPack, and the Swedish manufacturer of pulp and paper products BillerudKorsnäs.

Paboco’s director, Gittan Schiöld, hopes that this prototype will become “a reality and that it will fundamentally change this industry for the better.


Together towards a zero-waste future

The Carlsberg brewery is developing a project called Together Towards ZERO Goals. Through it, Carlsberg aims to achieve zero emission targets in all of its breweries, and a 30 percent reduction across all of its operations in the coming decades. This, along with the implementation of paper bottles.

Other Carlsberg alternatives include reducing the use of plastic by eliminating beer tie rings and replacing them with glue.


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