the dry january challenge

And this is why I won’t do Dry January

Dry January is a time to reset our bodies and get rid of the excesses of the previous year and the Christmas holidays. But we can all have a reason not to.

The year 2020 was chaotic, we know… And how about 2021? It’s worth noting that we’re not looking for excuses to drink, no. Because besides, we don’t drink, we taste. In this chaotic year, our favorite places closed: bars and restaurants. They are our meeting point to taste those drinks after work. To chat with a friend we haven’t seen for a long time. Or to celebrate another special occasion. Not to mention, our houses also had to close the door to family and friends. So video calls became our way of celebrating birthdays. And even to attend premieres of new cocktails and new liquors. And also, to support, from a distance, our beloved bartenders.

At Spirits Hunters we lived it, and although the experience was cool at one point, the redundancy covered the rest of the year.

Yes, we have given thousands of tips to our readers. For example, on how to spend a day in the park with your canned cocktails. One of the few places we are still allowed to go to get out of the house and meet some friends, but is abstaining from our favorite liquors really the best way to support our industry?


For all that Dry January entails, we agree

Dry January has become a ritual that, like many, we also respect, and drinking mocktails can be as interesting as tasting cocktails. For all that Dry January entails, we agree. Now, instead of making a cocktail alone at home, why not take the opportunity to support bartender online? Why not support the launch of the craft spirit that was launched by an acquaintance by tasting his creation? Why not give a bartender the pleasure of recreating his cocktail? And why not support the few open bars that try to sell how vacuum-packed cocktails they can after such a difficult year.


A time to reset… but to try new things

The new year is a time for resetting, but it is also a time to try new things. It should not be a stigma not to carry out the Dry January challenge, because in the end, what matters is what makes you happy and always with reason ahead of you. Because, in other words, having a drink doesn’t mean getting drunk or waking up with a hangover the next day. Tasting, is knowing when to stop, is finding pleasure and the union of our senses in the deconstruction of the flavors of a cocktail, a scotch or a wine.

It is necessary to know both our capabilities and our limits and be aware that there is more than one reason to cut the drink in a month as Dry January. It must be something that we also decide for ourselves and at the time of the year that our body asks for. Believe it or not, many of us take advantage of the holidays and the summer break to rest, to take care of ourselves. But also to commit ourselves to rituals that the high speed pace of life rarely leaves us with the time required to do so. Resetting our bodies and cutting down on drinking is possible all year round.

So friends, peer pressure is not a reason to do Dry January either. In fact, Dry January can be any month of the year! Just remember to consume in moderation.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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