Cocktails to go in Chicago now legalized following petition

In March, bartender Julia Momose created a petition to allow Illinois bars and restaurants to serve cocktails to go.

Last Wednesday, the unexpected news about the legalization of take-out cocktails in Chicago was announced. Bartender Julia Momose sold her first cocktail to go at her West Loop bar, Kumiko.

Momose created a petition in March to legalize take-out cocktails arguing that this would support the income of affected establishments during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The ordinance will allow for the temporary sale of cocktails and expires within one year from the date of its creation.


Conditions for selling take-out cocktails

According to the law, third parties are not allowed to deliver cocktails. There are concerns about liability and age verification. Beverages must be in tamper-proof, sealed containers. Lids with “sip holes or straw openings or a plastic, paper or Styrofoam container” do not count. Beverages that need proper labeling (including a bar liquor license number) require secure lids or caps. Drinks also have an expiration date of seven days; containers filled before that date should be thrown away. Beverages also need to be stored in trunks during deliveries.

Momose and its Cocktails for Hope lobbying team will continue to push for the legalization of this type of sale. They are already preparing to help Springfield next year.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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