Coronavirus: what happens in the bars, distilleries, restaurants of the world?

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What happens in the world of bars, distilleries and restaurants? They are, like all businesses, confronted with the coronavirus epidemic.

To date, 3,593,627 people have been infected with the Covid-19 virus and 249,112 people have died.


In Scotland

The distillers are ready for the coronavirus hit. Many newspapers have already talked about the commercial impacts of the coronavirus, including a move to work at home and the extension of sick pay. But there is also significant potential for disruption of supply chains. Whisky production in Scotland may be disproportionately affected. If we count on China being one of the largest markets for Scotch whisky In fact, in 2019 they imported £89 million of whisky into the Asian country.

As cases of coronavirus increase in Scotland, Scotch producers must prepare for the disruption in the distribution chain. They must consider whether they are protected if they cannot meet their contractual obligations if the chain fails because of the virus. However, producers need to actively engage with their suppliers on contractual obligations prior to the interruption. In addition to ensuring that they have plans for business continuity.

Last week they announced that they would freeze the alcohol duty in the country’s budget, which will help ease the situation for Scotch whisky producers.


In the United States

Some craft brewers are caught between uncertainty and opportunity. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom expanded coronavirus precautionary measures. For some breweries doing business through distribution, this is a sales opportunity. They can take advantage of marketing to people who will stay home. In New York, bars and restaurants are closed. On Sunday before 10:00 p.m., Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closure of thousands of bars and restaurants, although citizens had already begun the “social distance” technique. However, they will remain open for delivery and collection services. But bartenders, waiters and baristas are left uncertain about their next paycheck.

Certain distilleries around the country are producing hand sanitizing gel, such as Old Fourth Distillery, based in Atlanta. The distillery offers free antibacterial to anyone who stops by the distillery. “Due to recent reports of power outages and low supply in our community, we have decided to provide hand sanitizer at no cost to anyone who needs it.” Made from aloe vera gel and 95% ethanol, the distillery points out that this is not a substitute for hand washing. But in a pinch it will do the job. Other distilleries like Portland’s Shine Distillery, North Carolina’s Durham Distillery and Georgia’s Moonshine Distillery, among others, are also helping to create disinfectant solutions.


In India

In India, they don’t report casualties in liquor sales. On the contrary, reports indicate an increase during this month compared to last month.


In Spain

More than 300,000 bars and restaurants in Spain have closed due to the coronavirus. About 315,000 restaurants and hotels have closed their doors to stop the spread of the virus. As in other countries, President Pedro Sanchez said that “only delivery services will work“.


In France

The country decreed that starting Saturday 14 all restaurants and bars will be closed until new discussions. Certain regions are concerned about the economic consequences of closing their doors. For his part, the president of the Union of Professions of the Hotel Industry (Umih) in the Ile-de-France region expressed his surprise at the closure. He calls for a “survival plan.” Delvau told the newspaper Le Parisien. “In the Ile-de-France region alone, 10,000 bars and restaurants are affected. They will be out of business for an indefinite period of time, which is a big shock. Fortunately, in a way, we learned this Sunday morning that take-out and delivery activities could continue.”


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