This is the new whisky distillery in Scotland after 100 years

Holyrood is the first whisky distillery to open for the first time in a hundred years in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

No more hiking to Speyside to visit a Single Malt distillery. In Edinburgh, the last distillery closed almost a century ago. But Holyrood remedied the lack of a distillery by opening its doors this year in the heart of the city. The distillery is located inside a historic motor ship. Built in 1835 as part of one of the UK’s first railways.

According to Holyrood master distiller Jack Mayo, here they will concentrate on creating a unique whisky. The flavours range from sweet, spicy, smoky and fruity/floral. Malted barley will come from both new and old. Another interesting aspect, peat, will vary from high, medium and low levels to none at all. They will also work with special malts that will provide tones of chocolate and coffee. The yeasts will vary as they will use different types of wine, brewery and distillation.

The distillery offers guided tours to discover the facilities they house. Huge copper stills, unusual for their shape, a shop, and the cellar will be available for a visit.

It should also be noted that Holyrood also offers a range of gins. Holyrood gin comes in pink gin, spiced gin, auld tam gin and the classic dry gin.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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