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Meet Nathalie Baylaucq, our founder @ Spirits Hunters

Nathalie Baylaucq is the creator and editor of the website with Laurie Matheson and Marie-France Sabiani. She is also the co-founder and artistic director of Polpo Agency.

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Nathalie Baylaucq

Nathalie Baylaucq studied in New York (USA) at the prestigious Parsons School of Design where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). She began working as a layout artist for the New York Talks, the first free cultural newspaper, as well as for the Condé Nast group, before moving to Paris where she created her own graphic design studio, Studio Baylaucq.

She revamped more than one hundred magazines and newspapers such as Le Monde. then followed an intense Fifteen years during which she designed very successful award-winning newspaper and magazine layouts all over the world and invented new types of media.

Being a multicultural person and a media expert Nathalie Baylaucq wanted to create a new type of media, a worldwide 360° digital media on one specific subject, called Spirits Hunters.


Spirits Hunters is now a full fledge media

Spirits Hunters is now the first international 360º awarded media about the new trends in mixology and the spirits industry.

The media posts bartenders and their cocktails as well as brands and products from all around the world in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and German.

Today Spirits Hunters is 6 years old. In short, it’s a new all-round media that write different content for different digital platforms: Google News, website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and a weekly newsletter that is read by all spirits lovers.

We bring together a worldwide community of enthusiasts and professionals in the world of mixology and bartending.


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