In Texas a law prohibits breweries from selling beer-to-go

In Texas, a law prohibits bringing beer to other states. Breweries are against it and lead a lobby to change the law, ABC 13 reports.

Craft brewers oppose this law in Texas, the only state that prohibits beer-to-go with local beer. Several brewers expressed their views on how this law affects their businesses. Ryan Soroka, president of 8th Wonder Brewery justifies “Being the only state in the nation that doesn’t allow breweries to sell beer to go, we have to change that“.

On the other hand, Kris Szecsy owner of Bakfish Brewing expresses how the law affects his brewery: “This is putting a stop to my growth and going forward with that path“.

Many rules applied to Texas state beer originate in the era of prohibition. They were known as “Blue laws”. With more than 250 breweries, Texas has been under pressure from its brewers to change these blue laws.

For its part, the government claims that promoting takeaway beers would allow breweries to function as convenience stores and irregular bars. It is expected to have an answer by the fall season about changing the law.


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