Why does Georgia produce that much beer with so few breweries?

Georgia is the fifth largest beer producer in the United States. A striking fact after knowing this State does not host as many breweries.

The answer leads to the late approval of the Taprooms Bill, which was signed last year.

This bill allows small breweries and distilleries to sell their own products to the public. This way of selling craft alcoholic beverages increases tourism and stabilizes the industry while attracting new players to the field.

The word ‘Taprooms” is a reference to the place where breweries can sell their beer directly to customers.

The Booze Bill was put into place when there were only two large beer manufacturers; Miller Coors and Anheuser-Busch. Before it was passed, the only thing they could sell were tours with free samples and they had to be a lot bigger in order to make profit.

Therefore, Georgia is now a state with not many breweries but larger on scale in comparison to other parts of the USA. This explains their current high production.

It is foreseen that new breweries will start opening in the upcoming years thanks to the new law.


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