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Whisky distillery worth 3 million pounds to be built in China

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The project consists of building a whisky distillery in Inner Mongolia, China, in collaboration with Scottish suppliers. Read more here.

The Scottish Chamber of Commerce (SCC) said the construction of the Ordos facility will be worth more than £3 million to suppliers. To lead the design and construction, David Valentine, owner of Valentine International, committed to a six-figure contract. The Mengtai Group, is in charge of planning this new distillery and Valentine, will work these aspects on their behalf.

It is part of several SCC-led events hosting Inner Mongolian groups in Scotland. Valentine, who establishes commercial projects said: “Working in partnership with the Scottish Chamber of Commerce to forge this relationship with Inner Mongolia was instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.”

The project will provide a multi-million pound export bonus for at least two other Scottish companies. However, they have yet to be contracted. They will also be responsible for the design and construction of the distillery’s production equipment. In addition, they will supply whisky in bulk. The project will start next year.


Producing the best whisky in China

Mengtai’s director added: “My ambition is not only to produce the best quality whisky in China, but one that is globally recognised in the rankings. Scotland is the ‘house of whisky’ and has a wealth of experience in terms of distillery equipment manufacturing and know-how. So we are confident that Valentine International will be able to bring a successful global project to us in Ordos.”

Other distillery projects in China

This project is also in line with the desire of several business groups to build whisky distilleries in China. With the aim of promoting this industry on the Asian continent. In August of this year, Pernod Ricard confirmed the construction of the first single malt whisky distillery in the country.


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