An archaeologist recreates an old beer over 3000 years old

Travis Rupp, an archaeologist whose aim is to “preserve history”, recreates an old beer more than 3000 years old. The brewery archaeologist works for Avery Brewing, a brewery that specializes in recreating ancient beers.

According to Rupp, beer production can go up to 13000 years. Although there is no Latin or Greek word for “beer,” “…but they defined the alcoholic beverage by what the locals called where it came from and it was beer,” explains Rupp. However, on their side, the Egyptians did mention beer production.

The investigation took these facts as its starting point. Rupp decided to go down a path to find out and recreate the beers that the average person of the time would drink. ‘Ale of Antiquity‘ is the result of this investigation. To get the recipe right Rupp was presented in historical places, reviewed modern history to return to the past. In addition to asking, “What was available for people to use these ingredients all the time?

In 2016, Rupp showed the first result, a 3300-year-old Greek beer called Nestor’s Cup. From this beer, seven Ales of Antiquity were created in the last three years. Peruvian beers, a Viking beer called Ragnarsdrapa, and Beersheba, the latter being the oldest with Palestinian, Israletian and Jordanian roots.

The last creation of the brewery is the George Washington Porter launched in February.

My goal is to preserve history. They help me preserve that story by drinking it.” Rupp says.

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