Thompson’s Spirits presents a new gin

Although in limited edition of 2858 bottles, Thompson Spirits’s new gin presents very interesting particularities. The attention is attracted at once to the ageing of the spirit which is realized in Sauternes barrels from Château Labouade. 15 plants are used for the gin’s formula with peaches and caviar. It finds anothers components as juniper, rosebuds, ginger, sweet orange, green cardamom, coriander or lemon peel.

Let us note that the founder of Thompson Spirits, Simon Thompson, is influenced by the methods of distillation used in French wine-making regions. The process of creation of its spirit base includes the distillation twice of Colombard, Ugni Blanc or Sémillon grapes. These steps are essential for the production of vodka, gins or the other spirits of the mark. The contribution of the Swedish sommelier Andreas Larsson was precious for the realization of the gin which will be sold in approximately 48, 50 euro by bottle.

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