London. These are the figures for the champagne bottles and strawberries served for Wimbledon 2018

The most prestigious tennis tournament, Wimbledon, which has a maximum of 39 000 attendants, expects a consumption of 29 000 bottles of champagne and 34 000 kilos of strawberries during the 14 days of the championship.

The number of bottles this year exceeds the usual number of bottles counted by the championship on its website, 21,917 bottles. The visitors are also in the Murray Mound, where they follow the tournament on a screen and where they usually share champagne. The official champagne of the tournament is Lanson, since 2001.

Other figures of Wimbledon

In addition, some 166,000 portions of strawberries are served throughout the tournament. In the 2017 Championship, 166,055 servings of strawberries and cream were consumed. Among other figures, 117,507 pints of draught and blonde beer are served.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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