Champagne exports to the UK are stabilising

Champagne shipments to the UK are reduced to one million bottles in 2018, but this figure is far more encouraging than those recorded for 2017 when there was a drop of more than 11%.

Specialists from The Drinks Business published official figures on champagne given in ProWein, where it is confirmed that the UK champagne market has seen a decline in imports, however, at a lower level than in 2017.

In 2018 this figure was fortunately 3.8%, equivalent to 1 million bottles. The British market is characterized by a small but demanding market, seeking a more premium market.

Despite a lower sales record, Andrew Hawes, president of the UK Champagne Agents Association and director of Mentzendorff, Bollinger’s importer and distributor, explains that the UK has registered a stable market for sales of relatively expensive champagne brands.

It’s easy to look at the top line number and see it as negative for the UK market, but if you look at the trends below that, then there’s an interesting story, and I’m taking the positive angle for Champagne in the UK, Hawes explained.

From a long-term point of view, champagne is nevertheless favored thanks to the strength it has maintained in the market despite the ups and downs.


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