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Cocktails and shots preferred by consumers in the UK in 2020

According to new research, consumers in the UK preferred cocktails and shots to single serve.

Consumer preferences in the UK, especially for cocktails and shots, increased the market share of drinks such as rum and specialty spirits. Both categories increased their market share by 2.4 and 0.2 percentage points respectively. This increase took place between July and the end of the year. In addition, the reopening of the on-trade was a significant event.

According to the CGA Brand Track survey, consumers preferred cocktails and shots as a result of the confinement. When the on-trade reopened, the survey found that 17% preferred to drink cocktails or shots more often. In contrast, 8% preferred to enjoy spirits with mixers more often.

Among other important data, the survey also notes that gin flourished outside of retail premises during the UK confinement. More than a quarter of consumers in this country (28.2%) said they would be tasting gin at home by the end of 2020. In contrast, 21.6% claimed to drink gin outside the home.

Jonathan Jones, CGA’s managing director for the UK and Ireland, said, “Gin has been a booming category in the drinks market for several years. Its sales in supermarkets have flourished during the shutdown.”

But the slowdown in its market share growth in 2020 suggests that when gin drinkers can get back out they are tempted into categories such as cocktails that they have missed after so long away from pubs and bars.


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