OceanX ship finds bottles of cognac

Cognac is considered the most popular of 2018

More than 200 million bottles to supply the cognac market were distributed from April 2017 to March 2018, announced the cognac.com website in which a report was published.

As for the BNIC, it has indicated on its website that sales of alcohol in general are driven by shipments of cognac which now exceed 3,000 million euros (+11%). Moreover, the liqueur is then positioned as the first to export. The United States and China are the first countries to receive exports.

Cognac, the classic French liqueur, has grown significantly since 2015. In fact, it should be noted that in France, French consumers are in full madness with the arrival of Bache Gabrielsen cognac in French bars. Moreover, cognac tasting tends to be preferred in the form of a cocktail.


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