Cognac vineyards increase after decision of the Council of bassin Charentes-Cognac

The decision is made on the basis of good sales figures of cognac in volume (+8.2%) during 2018 to increase the area of cognac vineyards.

The land of the vineyards has been expanding incrementally since 2017 (800 hectares). It is followed by 2018, 1577 hectares, and this year 2019, 3477 hectares, approximately 2.5 times more than last year.

The Charentes Cognac wine-growing basin council accepts requests for extension of vineyard land in order to increase cognac plantations. Winegrowers who wish to increase their area of exploitation will have until mid-May to send the candidacy. Each accepted request will be allocated a proportionate share.

With an increase in sales volume and an increasingly strong reputation abroad, the growth in cognac areas can only bring an extra benefit to winegrowers and spirits producers who have had a tailwind since 2018.


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