Throwback: Cognac Bartender Contest: And the winner is…

Back to the year 2021 “throwback” at the Cognac Bartender Contest and the big winner of this first edition: Antony Bertin.

Together with the Cognac sector we are happy to finally reveal the Big Winner of the Cognac Bartender Contest: Congratulations to Antony Bertin for his cocktail tutorial “Terre Lune”!

Through a partnership with the Appellation Cognac, we have organized the Cognac Bartender Contest so as to highlight talents in such a rough time for bar professionals. The Cognac Bartender Contest has rewarded Antony Bertin, bartender at Aquarium Bar in Dinard, as the Big Winner of the contest for his cocktail “Terre Lune” (Moon Earth).

This talented 32 year-old head bartender of the Aquarium Bar in Dinard expressed himself briefly about what motivated him to participate: “I decided to participate in the Cognac Bartender Contest because I particularly appreciate Cognac as a spirit, whether it is for tasting neat or in cocktails(...) Expressing my creations through videos is something that I am as passionate about as for the bar itself, even if I consider myself as an apprentice videographer. To participate in this contest, is a beautiful opportunity to mix both passions”.

Antony Bertin | Photo : @portraitdechef

Antony Bertin will soon receive an endowment for 1000 euros on behalf of Spirits Hunters, and as soon as sanitary conditions will allow it, he will have the privilege of being hosted in the cognac production region to meet with the women and men that create this spirit.


You can watch Terre Lune Cocktail Tutorial below:


Terre Lune (Moon Earth)

This double recipe is a conceptual cocktail around the Earth and the Moon. I am also passionate about Space! So I wanted to challenge myself by creating something conceptual that would allow me to evoke Space in a big picture. As for the flavors, for the “Earth” part I focused on Terroir and Forest flavors by mixing verjus/cognac with chestnut/hazelnut/pepper”. –Antony Bertin said about his cocktail.


[Earth Experience]

Add in a tumbler:

50 ml VSOP Cognac

10 ml Hazelnut syrup

30 ml White Penja Cordial

20 ml verjus

60 ml chestnut blue tea

Then make a Cuban Roll to refresh and combine the ingredients.

[Moon Experience]

Add to a soda siphon 50 ml of Cognac VSOP infused with toasted hazelnut.

Keep 24 hours in the cold. Then, fill the Moon glass and add 1 dry ice cube to “freeze” the cognac.

Serve under a glass bell.


About the Cognac Bartender Contest

This contest with no obligation of purchase to participate, took place last November by the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac) and Spirits Hunters. During four weeks bartenders based in France were challenged to create cognac-based cocktail tutorials on Instagram (@cognac_official et @spiritshunters_mag). It was a beautiful opportunity for this community to share their know-how on social media. Every week two winners were selected. At the end of the contest a panel of judges formed by bar and spirits professionals chose the Big Winner: Antony Bertin with his cocktail “Terre Lune”.

Congratulations again to Antony Bertin, and to all the bartenders of the Cognac Bartender Contest for their effort and devotion. We had the chance to watch videos that were well produced and very professional. But above all, videos that knew how to highlight Cognac and its aromatic richness.

Finally, we thank the Cognac professionals that made this initiative possible .

The Cognac Bartender Contest will take place in the United Kingdom in February 2021 under the same structure.


The Cognac Bartender Contest Jurors

Sophie Liu – China
Wine and Spirits and Cognac Educator in Shanghai

David Boileau – France
Cognac Ambassador at the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac)

Stanislas Jouenne – France
Bartender and Cognac Educator

Philippe Jouhaud – France
Member of the Communication Commission of the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac)

Adal Marquez – Spain
Bartender cognac specialist at Bar Boadas

Yasutaka Nakamori – Japan
Bartender cognac specialist of the Bar Doras

Sother Teague – United States
Bartender and New York writer creative director and co-owner of Amor y Amargo

Alexandre Vingtier – France
Expert in Spirits

Tyler Zielinski – United States
Journalist, bartender and beverage expert (Condé Nast Traveler, Departures Mag, PUNCH, Imbibe Mag, Maxim,, Whisky Advocate, Maxim…)


You can watch all the cocktail tutorials of the four week-winners fo the Cognac Bartender Contest below:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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