Germany. Meet Cooleo, the first double-layer bottle for wine (and other beverages) that stays cool

The German design company Our Wonderful World has created Cooleo to keep your wine bottle at the right temperature at all times, the bottle that according to the company is the first double-layer bottle that doesn’t need to be cooled more than once.

The Cooleo bottle keeps the wine at the required temperature without even sweating or dripping, as the bottle contains a double layer with an insulating vacuum. In this way, the drink contained in the inner layer will remain cold for a long time and without affecting the taste or aroma. Cooleo also works with hot drinks. Its creators invite users to use it not only for wine, but also for other beverages such as water or lemonade, as it is fully reusable.

You can pre-order the Cooleo bottle directly from the Cooleo Our Wonderful World website. People who wish to can also contribute to the Kickstarter campaign launched by the company from July 22nd to support the initiative.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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