The First Aphrodisiac Beer is English

Yes, it is true that some foods have the power to affect your sex drive: oysters, strawberries and chocolate are among the most well-known, but… beer? This must be some good news for the ale lovers.

A new beer has been manufactured specifically to stimulate the libido. The Watercress Warrior is an English brainchild that promises to enhance the sexual performance of its consumers. Its goal is to challenge the problem that some people face while not being able to fully enjoy sex after the consumption of a “bit” too much alcohol.

The silhouette of a naked man on its packaging is more than just marketing and advertisement since its ingredients are really testosterone formulas meant to increase virility. Sure enough, the beer is more likely to be targeted towards the masculine market.

The secret relies in its own name. It is made with watercress seeds, rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E which enhances red blood cells circulation, and we all know what happens when blood is well functioning down there… more frequent, easier and longer erections. The Watercress Warrior also contain phytoestrogens which delays premature ejaculation.

Therefore, as you have already read, this aphrodisiac beer is meant for sex (as straightforward as that), making it the perfect drink for a romantic night out with your lover, before midnight.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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