CORKS: artworks made of champagne corks by Marius Lolichon from France

Marius Lolichon, creator and graphic designer, has created a project entitled Corks which consists in the creation of figurines made from cork stoppers, mainly champagne.

According to Marius, “This project is based on an academic topic where the goal was “to create a toy”. When I got home, I looked around and saw a cork of champagne. I glued 2.3 tinkers, painted it… the first corks was born! Today there are 450. I liked it so much that I continued, again and again, trying to vary the shapes and colors.”

And why champagne corks? Marius explains that “the characteristic shape of the champagne cork then became the body of all the “corks”, while the nails became the arms. Also what is good with the cork is its material, cork, which is a malleable material and conducive to experiments.

The collection currently includes 450 unique figurines, and includes an inventory of imaginary or real characters from a repertoire related to childhood, pop culture and his own imagination. The name, Corks, comes from the raw material of these figures, cork, in English. All the other elements are from the recovery of various materials: cardboard, fabrics, shells, twine…

Marius Lolichon, will be present in Le Parcours des Créateurs from June 15 in Rezé, Trentemoult, south of Nantes. The exhibition lasts three days, and organized by the Association Art Connexion 44, organizer of artistic events dedicated to Visual Arts in Trentemoult. Don’t throw away your champagne corks!

About Marius Lolichon : Site web de CORKS


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