Covid-19: half of the pubs in Ireland are closed due to restrictions

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The upsurge of cases due to Covid-19 has led to the temporary or permanent closure of more than half of Irish pubs.

According to the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI), 56% of pubs in Ireland have closed temporarily or permanently. According to the DIGI half of Irish adults fear that the extensive closure of pubs in the country by Covid-19 will affect the spirit and morale of the community.

Also, through the study they concluded that 72% of the population believes that the government needs to act and provide more support measures to save the hospitality and drinks industry.

The government can’t take any longer. We must seek to reopen the pubs immediately“. Said Rosemary Garth, president of the DIGI.

Beyond the impact on the community, DIGI noted that 78% of people are concerned about job losses due to closures. Seventy-five percent fear the negative impact on supporting industries. While 67% are concerned about isolation and loneliness as a consequence.


Other sectors and recommended measures

Another impacted sector is that of the artists who perform in pubs and bars. 67% of those surveyed are concerned about the lack of support for artists.

The prolonged closure of pubs in Ireland not only has a negative effect on those directly involved in the industry. It is having a widespread impact on local communities”. Garth said.

“We must try to reopen the pubs immediately, with significant support for them to recover from the damage of the last six months”. She added.

DIGI reiterated its call on the government to reduce alcohol taxation in Ireland by 15%. Ireland has the second highest alcohol tax in the EU and the third highest on alcoholic beverages.

Without these measures Garth fears that the pubs in the sector that are already in debt and working at reduced capacity will reopen with the highest rates in the EU. This will lead to more permanent closures.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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