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Covid-19: new measures for bars and restaurants in New York State

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new measures for bars and restaurants in the state to ensure they comply with the social distancing rules imposed due to the Covid-19 situation.

From now on, all bars and restaurants in the state will only be able to serve alcohol to customers who order food. In addition, all service in the bar must be reserved for customers who are socially separated by 1 meter, or who are separated by a physical barrier. This was reported by the newspaper.

Therefore, only establishments that serve food will be allowed to sell alcohol. On the other hand, customers will not be able to order directly from the bar.

Governor Cuomo launched an initiative called “Three Strikes and You’re Closed.” It states that any establishment that violates three rules will cease its activities. Also, severe violations could result in the immediate loss of a liquor license or closure prior to the third offense.

From now on, bars and restaurants are preparing for this new regulation. Some owners were ready, others, however, are of the opinion that the situation is confusing. For others, it is not very clear what is considered food. For example, a bag of chips or a full dinner?

The rules are constantly changing. All this creates is a gray area,” said Rob Podfigurny of The Evergreen in Hanover Square, Syracuse. “It’s hard to keep up.”

Andy Kipp, owner of the Old Union Hotel in Binghamton, said, “A big part of the problem is miscommunication. Or communication at all from someone in the state that allows us to understand how to run our business.”


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