Covid-19: reopening and conditions for pubs and bars in UK

The government recently announced the end of national lockdown restrictions, but what does that mean for bars and pubs?

New rules are being introduced for visiting pubs and restaurants in England following the end of lockdown. This lockdown which will end on December 2nd will lead however to new rules in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


The rules for England

The rules vary in the three levels in which the regions will be placed on Thursday. Levels are reviewed every 14 days.

Level 1: open until 11:00 pm GMT, with last orders until 10:00 pm. This way customers will leave gradually and not all at once.

Level 2: opening allowed only if they serve substantial meals. Alcohol may be served with these meals.

Level 3: hospitality venues must be closed. Other than delivery, take-out, and drive-through services.

In addition, businesses are legally required to take customers’ contact details for tracking purposes in case of breakout. Otherwise, they can be fined up to 10,000 pounds. Similarly if they take reservations for more than six people or if they do not force social distance between customers.

All staff in hospitality businesses must wear a mask. As well as their clients when they are not sitting down to eat or drink. The penalty for not wearing a mask or breaking the “six-person rule” has been doubled to 200 pounds for a first offense.

Other events where food and beverages are served, such as weddings and wakes, will only be accepted at levels 1 and 2.

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Northern Ireland and Wales

Northern Ireland will go into a two-week lockdown starting at 12:01 am GMT on Friday, November 27. Options for taking

In Wales, pubs, restaurants and cafes are open and only four people can be found inside, unless they belong to the same household. Alcohol may only be served with food and must be consumed at tables.

As in all other venues, the use of the mask is mandatory except when sitting while eating and drinking.



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In Scotland restaurants, pubs and bars can open in regions classified as level zero, one, two, or three.

Level 0: up to eight people from three different households.

Level 1: up to six people from two different households

Level 2: pubs bars and restaurants can sell alcoholic beverages with substantial dishes (lunches, dinners…).

These rules are allowed only until 8:00 pm inside and until 22:30 pm outside the premises.

Level 3: sale of alcohol prohibited inside and outside. Cafes, pubs and restaurants may serve food and non-alcoholic beverages until 6:00 pm.

Finally, level 4 orders all hospitality establishments to close.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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