Discover the art of the craft distillation in Geneva

Craft distilling, a process that requires patience and experience. Nicholas Roch, is a distiller on the rise in Switzerland. Read it here.

Geneva is less known for its distilleries than for its watchmaking industry. Meanwhile, it’s in this city that live Nicholas Bloch, a craftsman specialized in the distillation.

It is worth noting that it is an activity which is not very popular in that region. Nevertheless, this craftsman with a license in philosophy, and who owns the distillery Saconnex-d’Arve, has the ambition to bring up-to date this art which gets lost.

Besides his personal production, he proposes his talents to private individuals. They take advantage of his expertise to produce a diversity of products. Nicholas Roch draws the attention to an important detail, the quality of the raw material to guarantee a fulfilling result. From this perspective, the selection of fruits has to take into account various factors: the maturity and the sugar content. Ideally these measures must be raised. The craftsman also reveals that the distillation requires patience, knowing that the process of fermentation may last up to sixty days. This will followed by the phase of rest which set several months.


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