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Discovering umami, a special flavor of sake

Umami is considered the 5th flavor in addition to sweet, salty, bitter and acidic. Nevertheless, it is a flavor that raises many questions from scientists and lovers of rice alcohol. Its taste is associated with that of sodium mono-glutamate.

It was discovered by a Japanese professor, Kikunae Ikeda in 1908. He was able to identify the umami by tasting a mixture of seaweed. It should be noted that Asian cuisine includes a variety of dishes in which we find this flavor.

For those who are aware of it, umami can be detected when tasting sake. It is described as a pleasant taste that is close to sweet. Despite the fact that umami has been discovered for more than a century, a number of scientists continue to research about it. It turns out that the presence of this flavor highlights others which are present, whether in a dish or in a drink.

In view of its interest, it’s can be said that umami helps make sake even more popular.


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