Discover Vivant: 100% organic, additive-free French spirits

Organic spirits are on the rise, and there is one brand in France trying to make a different with a line of whisky, rum and gin. Discover them.

Vivant is a brand in the making that proposes to produce exceptional spirits, 100% organic and without additives. The cultivation of its basic ingredients does not include insecticides, herbicides or fungicides. Also, during the preparation of the alcohols, no additives such as sugars, colorants, bleaches, food flavors, texturizing agents, antioxidants and other color fixatives.


The Vivant spirits range

Among the spirits produced by Vivant are cognac, gin, whisky and rum. The latter two being the latest additions to the Vivant catalogue and available from September 2018.

Gino – rhum ambré paysanwith organic sugar cane from Peru and whose sugar has been crystallized naturally. Gilded in cedar barrels.

Silènewhisky français: made of organic malted barley grown in Charente and distilled in a traditional Charentais still.

Decroix – gin aromatiqueThe Decroix farm has owned a Sichuan pepper plantation for 20 years. In addition, to this base they add ginger, angelica and, of course, juniper berries, native to the coasts of Montmorella.

Decroix – cognacproduced by vinification with native yeasts. The wine’s destillation follows a process according to the Charentaise method. The brandy is aged between 8 and 15 years in French oak barrels.

The marketing of Vivant spirits was made possible by a fundraising campaign on the KissKissBankBank website.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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