vodka and potatoes

Don’t turn down ugly potatoes! You can make an excellent vodka with them

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

This is exactly what the Ubald distillery in Quebec has done, where the family-owned Patates Dolbec provides the raw material needed to make vodka.

The Ubald distillery in Quebec values those potatoes that many judge ugly. Every year, we waste fruits and vegetables simply because of their appearance. To make proper use of tubers with this profile, the Ubald distillery and grower Patates Dolbec are processing these type of potatoes to create Quebec’s first vodka of this kind.

Photo: Route 363 vodka – Ubald Distillerie Facebook

Route 363 vodka should make its way to Quebec alcohol distributors in the spring. The initial product in the range, Route 363, made its first appearance during the Spiritueux Québec festival, held virtually on December 20. Why Route 363? Named after the route that unites, in the Portneuf region, the villages where the company’s farmland and the distillery’s three stills are located.

Photo: Route 363 vodka – Ubald Distillerie Facebook

Under the philosophy from farm to bottle, Ubald manufactures its vodka. “We are true pioneers in the province. This potato vodka find its origin in our facility, from farm to bottle.” Said marketing and continuous development manager at Patates Dolbec, Josée Petitclerc.

The project began to gestate two years ago, for which an investment of $2.5 million was required. The distillery team traveled around the world to taste various spirits and improve their knowledge.

We are anxious to know the reaction of consumers,” says Petitclerc. “Vodka production makes it possible to use potatoes for which there is no market and offers other advantages. The bran resulting from the process will serve to enrich our fields and to feed animals. It is a circular economy.”

Source: La Terre de Chez Nous


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