Dunes: The french Spritz, Elegance Captured in a Glass

Christophe Amigorena, this name resonates with excellence and innovation in the world of spirits. His latest masterpiece, the Immortelle Flower Bitter, is a true revolution.

After the triumph of the Melifera Gin, Christophe Amigorena surprises us once again with the Dunes Spritz. This new creation defies conventions, bringing unmatched subtlety and complexity.

Distilled with care in Charente Maritime, from immortelle flowers handpicked in the north of Oléron, within the Melifera Garden, the Dunes Spritz skillfully combines bitterness and sweetness.





Although the secrets of its recipe remain guarded, enthusiasts can savor the bitter orange and everlasting notes, evoking memories of holidays and sunny days from the first sip. This bitter offers a fragrant French alternative, an invitation to indulgence. Its finesse, controlled bitterness, and delicacy allow for all kinds of cocktail creations. Presented in a bottle specifically designed for the Spritz, it enhances our cocktails and can also be enjoyed neat over ice for a refreshing moment.

spritz dunes

During tasting, a great complexity and aromatic richness emerge. Immortelle, bitter orange, citrus fruits, and red fruits offer a remarkable fruity freshness, complemented by a symphony of warm and oriental spices. Crowned Spirit of the Year in the Aperitif category at the prestigious Spirit of the Year awards ceremony, the Spritz des Dunes is available at the best wine merchants and on the website spritzdesdunes.fr for €29.50.


Le Spritz des Dunes


The everlasting flower is the flower that has inspired us since the beginning of the Melifera adventure. Because it has an incredible scent, so closely tied to summer memories. Because Christophe has always been fascinated by this flower and he often talked to me about the dunes of his childhood in the Basque Country. Because we had this house in Oléron and the scents of everlasting flowers are closely tied to moments of walking back from the beach with the children at the end of the day. Simply because it has a unique organoleptic signature.




  • What makes this French spritz better in your opinion?

The Spritz des Dunes is a true novelty and a craft alternative to the most well-known bitters.

It has this unique scent of everlasting flowers. We harvest our everlasting flowers every summer at the Garden Melifera in Oléron. These everlasting flowers are soaked in alcohol and distilled after a period of maceration. It is this distillate that gives our Spritz des Dunes its character. It is more well-rounded, sunny, and has a controlled bitterness and sweetness.


  • How were you drawn to herbalism?

Christophe’s second encounter with the immortelle took place at L’Occitane, where he worked for 10 years. It was there that he rediscovered the immortelle, its virtues, and its fragrances.

During our holiday on the Île d’Oléron, this perfume brought back many memories.

We realized that the immortelle flower was protected and that wild harvesting was prohibited. That’s why we planted our immortelles in the North of Oléron.

We then bought these lands and created the Jardin Melifera by hiring an agricultural engineer. In this garden, in addition to the immortelle, we cultivate other aromatic plants like angelica, sweet cicely, meadowsweet, and agastache. Whether they are used in the composition of gin or have benefits for the land or pollinators (like the Apis Mellifera Mellifera for which we are committed).



  • Which recipe do you recommend, maybe with bubbles from our regions to accompany this French Spritz?

To keep it simple and not break all the Spritz codes at once, we often mention Prosecco in the original recipe.

For the recipe, there are several options: Half Spritz des Dunes, half white sparkling wine and a splash of sparkling water, that’s the one we recommend.

For those who are more accustomed to the traditional Spritz, add 6cl of Spritz des Dunes, 8cl of sparkling wine, 3cl of sparkling water, and a splash of cane sugar syrup.

Finally, for those who may not always have a bottle of bubbles open, Spritz des Dunes with just a neutral and not too sweet tonic water is perfect. 1/3 Spritz des Dunes – 2/3 tonic – ice cubes, a lemon slice, and you’re good to go!

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