Sleeping in the depths: 9 great underwater hotels

Can you imagine sleeping and waking up surrounded by aquatic nature? These hotels offer underwater rooms, so dive into these original rooms!

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1. Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

The resort has a giant aquarium which can be accessed from 11 rooms on two floors. From the upper level you can enjoy an outdoor patio and the lower level, underwater, offers aquatic views of the 40,000 fish aquarium swimming freely!


2. Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Sleeping in the depths: 9 great underwater hotels

Photo: The Manta Resort

This resort is considered more of a small private island than a hotel suite. It is only a two minute boat ride from the beach on the coast of Zanzibar Manta Resort. The “Underwater Room” has three levels with views of coral reefs from the submerged room. In addition, you can appreciate an incredible view of the sky and the stars from the rooftop deck.


3. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

The hotel has two floors submerged in water with “Premiere Under Water View”. There is also a restaurant and a swimming pool… under water!


4. Hufaven Fushi, Maldivas

Dive into the Indian Ocean through the Hufaven Fushi SPA, which offers panoramic views of the reefs with sessions for couples. Guests can also access the seawater swimming pool just outside the windows 🤩.


5. The Muraka, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Sleeping in the depths: 9 great underwater hotels

Photo: Muraka Maldives

The meaning of Muraka, chorale in Dhivehi, the local language, makes very good reference to the hotel experience. The luxury room is submerged more than 4 meters under water. This room is structured in two levels with a living area above water level, which is situated above the main room contained by acrylic walls that provide panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. Its exuberant price is well justified by the infinity pool, a butler’s room, and enough space to sleep nine people.


6. Reefsuites, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

It is the first underwater hotel here in this area. The stay will be wonderful since you will have the privilege of observing the Great Barrier Reef so famous in Australia. Not only will you enjoy the unique view from your room, but you will also be able to snorkel and dive the coral from a boat 74 kilometers from Queensland. Then, it’s sunset and dinner under the stars and back to the magnificent underwater room.


7. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Sleeping in the depths: 9 great underwater hotels

Both the walls and ceiling in the water rooms at Atlantis, The Palm, offer a view of the resort’s Ambassador Lagoon aquarium. You will be able to observe 65,000 sea creatures. Choose from the Neptune or Poseidon suite: both include a 30-minute personal training session, free airport transfers, and 24/7 room service.


8. Utter Inn, Västerås, Sweden

In Utter Inn we offer an underwater room floating on Lake Mälaren near Stockholm. It is completely cozy, and in the best Nordic style. The room has double beds and the necessary furniture for comfort and windows to each direction. On the surface, a wooden deck will be perfectly adapted to your sunbathing and to admire the surrounding landscape.


9. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida

Unlike the other rooms, the Undersea Lodge is accessed by diving. All the facilities and structures of Jules’ are submerged -as the place was once a research lab-. There are two rooms available at the hotel, Wi-Fi, and even a chef from the sea who will come diving to your room with your dinner if you wish. To observe, a mangrove lagoon surrounds the entire structure.


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