Édouard Brun launches an exceptional champagne cuvée for its 120th anniversary

To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the champagne house Édouard Brun collaborated with Reichenbach to produce two exceptional cuvées under the Cuvée Sensorium brand.

The first one is a blend of pinot noir (70%) and chardonnay (30%). As an exceptional cuvée deserves an equally extraordinary packaging, this premier cru comes in a Methuselah version, in a handmade porcelain bottle. It is decorated with inscriptions in luxurious 24-carat gold.

The second one is made of grapes from land classified as “grand cru“. It is a limited edition with only 500 copies, which is called Art Edition. It comes in a colourful bottle designed by American artist James Rizzi.

They will be available for sale from November. However, these two editions are not for everyone’s budget. Allow 6500 € for the premier cru Sensorium and 8000 € for the grand cru Art Edition Sensorium.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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