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Fake News or not? A John Daly video recommends vodka against covid-19

Some may ask who is John Daly, and why does he recommend vodka as a remedy for the Covid-19 coronavirus? We explain in our article.

A tweet from the Trump Golf Society retweeted a video from John Daly, a professional golfer from California, where he suggests that vodka could fight the virus.

As we know, the World Health Organization has warned that alcohol consumption (whether excessive or not) can weaken our body’s immune system. Consequently, it would make us more vulnerable to covid-19 infection.

Two surprising facts emerge from this action. One, that Trump Golf republished this video, and two, that the sportsman suggested this “remedy”.

In the video, Daly takes a tour of Trump Golf and adds that he hopes that we will all be safe from covid-19. He added, “I have a remedy in certain forms,” holding a bottle of Polish Belvedere vodka. He explains that he only drinks one glass a day. “Just have one glass a day, with a little McDonald’s Diet Coke… And so you will kill this virus, I think.”

Another curious fact is that the golfer fought for many years against alcohol dependency. And it’s possible that no one would have noticed this video if it wasn’t for Trump Golf who retweeted it.

However, it should be noted that Daly is a big fan of Trump. They played golf together last year. “I’m proud to be an American, particularly with this man leading the country.” Daly said about Trump.

So, true or false? Would Daly be making a joke, – a bad joke, by the way? Give us your opinion and comment on our article, contact us.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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