First Vermouth by Bolney Wine Estate in Sussex

Bolney Wine Estate, one of the pioneering brands in the English industry, has launched what is now the first English vermouth created in the county of Sussex, in the south of England.

The spirit drink based on sloe and elderberries. Bolney Wine Estate is a brand renowned for its wines. However they have decided to launch the new product of the Bolney family. This vermouth characterized by its distillation with the botanicals that grow in Bolney’s own vineyards.

We have been talking about sloe and how it is used to create gins and Bolney includes it in the preparation of Rosso Vermouth. In addition to floral herbs, eucalyptus notes and the classic scent of wormwood make up the nose of this vermouth.

Vermouth Rosso is now available for purchase directly from the Bolney website from £19.00. In their presentation they recommend combining it with Fever Tree Eldelfower Tonic Water, which you can order with Rosso Vermouth.

Don’t drink and drive.

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