United States. Learning about the preparation of cocktails from the 1920s

Last Thursday, took place at Clyde public library, a special course on the preparation of cocktails dating the Prohibition. For the barmaid Joy Girdner, it was the opportunity to revisit the classics that captured of minds of people at these distant times. This special program called « On the rocks » took place in The Alley Taproom which belongs to Joy and her father. The barmaid took the time looking for the preparations most there seen in the 1920s and which appeared in films.

It can be said that she had done good job as she highlighted at least, nine famous cocktails. Her finds include mint julep and the South Side, a drink made popular by Al Capone who was very fond of it. The course also allowed getting acquainted with the Mary Pickford, the Gin Rickey and the Brandy Alexander. Joy has held forth extensively on methods of preparation, ingredients used at that time, as well as the side dishes. Provided free of charge, these courses join within the framework of the program for adults « Libraries Rock » of Clyde public library.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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