Five cocktails to cure that hangover!

We do not promote alcoholism when tasting, however, we know that there are situations. We recommend five cocktails that cure the hangover. (Remember: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health!).


1. Bloody Mary

The typical hangover cocktail we all know. Tomato juice and tabasco are the elixir of this cocktail. For the recipe you need: celery, tabasco, salt, pepper, tabasco, tomato juice, lemon, worchestershire sauce and of course lemon!


2. Rince cochon

A recipe divided into three. A third of white wine, a third of lemon juice and a third of sparkling water.


3. Black Velvet

A cocktail based only on alcohol. Don’t be afraid. Champagne and black beer, try the Guinness, for example.


4. Branches Gin Fizz

The egg white adds a touch of vitality to this cocktail. You’ll need lime and yellow, liquid cream, sugar, gin, lemon peel, and egg white.


5. The body revives

Apparently the legend tells that this cocktail has as its starting date the era of Prohibition. And to hide the traces of so many more drinks, it was invented. It is a cocktail based on gin, white Lillet, absinthe and a little lemon juice.


The extra point! Beer

There are mechanisms that have proven to alleviate hangover. The myth of beer is in some ways real. If we drink alcohol during the hangover, the metabolism will begin to degrade it, stopping the consequent toxicity of methanol for a while.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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