François Monti. Byrrh (1936)

Byrrh (1936)

Among the quinquina wine brands, Byrrh is the one that has given the artists the most scope. The poster collection displayed in his Thuir installations is worth a visit. For many years, the product was presented as a tonic with medicinal properties. Little by little, it was the aperitif aspect that became obvious – the formula “à votre santé” has a pleasant ambiguity in French, after all… But if it became difficult to count on the support of a doctor to promote the benefits of alcohol in France in the 1930s, there remained a field where one could freely associate oneself with notions of vigour and surpassing oneself: sport. Throughout Europe, in the immediate pre-war period, there were advertisements for aromatized wines that played the football card. The message here is clear: no matter who wins, what matters is the glass of friendship. And Byrrh pays for it.

François Monti

No conduzca bajo los efectos del alcohol. Consuma con moderación.

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