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French supermarket Monoprix reinforces its environmental commitment with returnable bottles

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Brands such as Coca-Cola, Heineken and Nestlé partnered with Monoprix to implement the use of returnable bottles and containers.

The French supermarket chain Monoprix, has decided to reinforce its environmental commitment. Taking advantage of the renovation of its Paris branch in Montparnasse, they will implement the system of reusable glass bottles.

To start the project, the beer brands Heineken and Gallia will propose draught beer without packaging and Coca-Cola and Nestle Waters will use reusable glass bottles. To ensure the logistics and a part of the deposit, they will count on the company Lemon Tri.

Thanks to the renovation of the Montparnasse branch, Monoprix inaugurates a new generation supermarket. It proposes concepts that combine contemporary trends and the “French-style pleasure of living”. For example, the drinks section on the first floor is distinguished by its diversity and its more “responsible” offer. Lemon Tri, a specialist in collection and deposit machines, has made the returnable bottle system available with its subsidiary Lemon Aide.

French supermarket Monoprix reinforces its environmental commitment with returnable bottles

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Beer in bulk

Consumers in the Monoprix supermarket in Montparnasse will be able to choose the beer of their preference through this system. The new device for bulk beer was born from the collaboration between Heineken and Gallia. Heineken developed the growlers, brown glass tank bottles with a capacity of 930 ml and equipped with a handle. Gallia, on the other hand, supplies its beer, which is produced in its Pantin brewery in Seine-Saint-Denis, on the outskirts of Paris.

To serve the beer, the customer must open a glass door of the distributor which will contain the reference of his choice. There are three types of craft beers to choose from. Then, it is sufficient to place the container under the assortment nozzle and close the compartment. Once the bottle is full, the machine will emit an audible signal. The beer is ready to be retrieved and is closed with a screwed-on plastic cap. Finally, the machine prints a label to be stuck on the bottle which contains information about the reference and the bar code.

The customer will have five days to return the bottle once it is empty. The store has made available a container to deposit the bottles. And to reward the good action, the customer will receive a bonus of 1.50 euros.

Finally, Lemon Aide collects the empty bottles which are then washed at its plant in Pantin, next to Gallia.


Coca-Cola and returnable water

A second space for Coca-Cola and water bottles has also been made available to consumers at the Monoprix in Montparnasse. 1 liter returnable bottles of classic Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero; Vittel and San Pellegrino water bottles Once the customer has consumed the bottle, he returns it and deposits it in the Lemon Tri machine located at the entrance of the store. The customer then receives a purchase voucher to the value of 0.40 euros which is equivalent to the guarantee on the bottle. The voucher can be used in the supermarket or exchanged for cash.


An exploratory approach

It’s an exploratory approach,” explains Arnaud Rolland, “to see if reusable glass can work in mass distribution.”. “We wanted to go there to learn and understand,” adds Françoise Bresson. “It’s a qualitative consumer experience, without a quantified objective,” according to emballagesmagazine.com



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